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SDT Beneficiaries

The SDT views its role to our sports beneficiaries in a holistic manner. We are not only interested in assisting them with their current sporting requirements, but we also prepare them for when their sporting days are over. Detailed below are just some examples of the initiatives that are to be provided to the beneficiaries:
  • Medical Aid – Hospital Plan

  • Specialised Medical care and Rehabilitation Facilities at reduced rates

  • Life cover 

  • Gym fees 

  • Travel and Accommodation

  • Subsistence Allowance

In addition, through the use of the Skills Development Spend requirements of our funders, we will focus on ensuring that our beneficiaries are studying towards a recognised learner ship qualification. Learner ships are to be the area of focus for the following reasons:
  • It is a primary objective to assist in education the beneficiaries to ensure that he/she is employable should they not be able to earn a living from sport.

  • Learnerships are a focus point for corporates who have a need to skill “unemployed” learners.

  • Learnerships studies will be focused on “Sports Coaching”, “Sports Management”, or any other area linked to sports.

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