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We offer a total Broad-Based BBBEE solution from scenario sketching to Certification. The BBBEE solutions provided by us offers a real, formal and relevant snapshot of where your company is in terms of BBBEE.

Our approach is to undertake an extensive analysis of all aspects related to BBBEE in your company’s operating environment. The BBBEE solution will inform your decision-making going forward and empower you to create strategies that define how BEE will best work for your business, now and in the future.

Our BBBEE solutions follow a straightforward process. We can also help you ready your company for Verification; undertake BEE scenario sketching; or provide you with generic BEE awareness or strategic framework training so your company is truly ready. We offer the following services:

BBBEE progression.png

BBBEE Consulting


We provide regular workshops on BEE related issues. The training courses are practical and relevant. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that the content is understood by non-BBBEE literate individuals. All our training programme can be customised to suit each client’s needs or expectations.


This product is designed for clients who are not very familiar with the requirements of BBBEE, nor do they have the resources to manage the company’s BBBEE policies.


Scenario Planning is appropriate for clients who are not very familiar with the requirements of BBBEE but feel that they do want to be compliant and need guidance as to what their current status is likely to be and what is required to achieve their desired BEE status within a predetermined time-frame.


Verification Preparation is the process of helping our clients to prepare for an on-site verification. This process involves:

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