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About Us

The SMART Group of companies has been operating within the BBBEE environment since the inception of BBBEE in 2004. Our experience in dealing with a large, diverse client base has allowed us to understand the majority of challenges faced by businesses operating in South Africa

The SMART Group prides itself in being innovative and proactive in developing solutions that enable BBBEE to become neither a hindrance nor an obstacle to business management.


The Team

SMART GROUP’s team of business, BBBEE, investment, finance and corporate governance experts complement our Smart Services with professionalism and attention to detail. 

Our leaders whose combined skills bridge the gaps between business solutions, investing, and finance to create novel concepts to take SMART GROUP OF COMPANIES forward are as follow:

Shenaz Jhavary

After completing her articles with Grant Thornton, Shenaz qualifyied as a Chartered Accountant in 1997. Shenaz has since been involved in providing business development support to numerous small and medium sized entities, as well as being involved in developing BBBEE strategies for a variety of clients. Together with Dean, Shenaz was part of forming the SMART GROUP OF COMPANIES. Shenaz’s primary focus within the Group is to ensure our investments are both BBBEE compliant and statutory compliant. Shenaz is also involved in BBBEE verification.

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Patrick Mosole

Patrick has been involved in food franchises for over twenty years. Patrick has developed a strong relationship within the Famous Brands group of franchises; namely, Steers, Milky Lane and Wimpy. Over the last 10 years Pat has successfully grown his portfolio of stores from one Milky Lane outlet to eleven franchises. Patrick is involved on a day-to-day basis in running these various outlets and looking at new opportunities.

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Dean Harding

Dean completed his articles at KPMG in 1992. Dean has extensive experience within the manufacturing sector as well as assisting in numerous business turnaround strategies. With the introduction of BBBEE in 2004, Dean became a specialist consultant within the BBBEE environment and assisted in establishing one of the first accredited BBBEE verification agencies. In 2010, Dean, together with Shenaz, started the SMART GROUP OF COMPANIES. Currently, Dean is involved in providing specialized BBBEE solutions.

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Cynthia Mosole

Together with her husband, Patrick Mosole, they have grown a successful group of franchises within the Famous Brands group of franchises. Cynthia is involved in managing the Human Resources and Logistic planning aspects of the franchises.


Marc Sutherland

Marc was a partner in a Durban based firm of Chartered Accountants from 1991 until 2005. Marc has also been involved in managing and investing in private equity investments within the construction sector. In 2014, Marc joined the SMART GROUP OF COMPANIES as a shareholder and director. Marc’s major focus has been in managing the private equity funds, 2 of which are registered S12J Funds. 

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