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All of the Smart Group’s Private Equity Funds are managed by Smart T (Pty) Ltd. Smart T (Pty) Ltd is a 51% Black Women owned entity.


The Manager’s investment team has extensive experience in investment management including:

  1. Originating, evaluating and selecting suitable  investment opportunities;

  2. Providing post investment management services;

  3. Identifying and implementing exits at the appropriate time.

Private Equity Fund Management



Smart T has used the experience gained by its team to develop a rigorous investment process to ensure the highest standard of investment decision making. 


All potential investments are subjected to a thorough due diligence investigation, comprising a review of the management, the market in which the company operates, its competitive position and risks facing the business.




Once an investment has been made, Smart T will apply the expertise and experience of its investment management team to add value to the Qualifying Company.


Some of the roles that Smart T will look at playing are:


  • Good corporate governance;


  • The review of monthly management accounts and related information to identify potential issues and opportunities;


  • The approval of strategic decisions, including the approval of budgets, significant investments and recruitment of senior personnel;


  • Monitor all costs related to the formation and management of the ownership structure of the Investment with a view to ensuring these are market related and reasonable.


  • Offer and provide inputs that may lead to an increase in the value of the Investment shares and/or revenues and profits generated by the Investment company.


  • To monitor the BBBEE Codes and related interpretation thereof, together with any amendments thereto and if required and achievable to propose amendments should it be required.

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