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The Sports Development Trust

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The Sports Development Trust (SDT) is a registered non-profit organisation as well as an approved Social Enterprise Development Beneficiary. 

The SDT was created with the purpose of bridging corporate BBBEE Social Enterprise Development spend and the development of black South African sportsmen and women.


The majority of SDT’s Funds are raised from South African businesses under the Social Enterprise pillar of the BBBEE scorecard. These funds are then used for the benefit of South Africa’s black sportsmen and women


Our Objective is to fund and develop underprivileged persons in sport who do not qualify for any financial support from their sporting body. This is despite them having demonstrated the potential to perform at a provincial, national or international stage.

The SDT views its role to our sports beneficiaries in a holistic manner. We are not only interested in assisting them with their current sporting requirements, but we also prepare them for success whether or not they achieve their sporting goals. Detailed below are just some examples of the initiatives that are to be provided to the beneficiaries:

  • Medical aid – hospital plan

  • Specialised medical care and rehabilitation facilities at reduced rates

  • Life cover 

  • Gym fees 

  • Travel and accommodation

  • Subsistence allowance

In addition, through the use of the Skills Development Spend requirements of our funders, we will focus on ensuring that our beneficiaries are studying towards a recognised learner ship qualification. Learner ships are to be the area of focus for the following reasons:

  • It is a primary objective to assist in education the beneficiaries to ensure that he/she is employable should they not be able to earn a living from sport.

  • Learnerships are a focus point for corporates who have a need to skill “unemployed” learners.

  • Learnerships studies will be focused on “Sports Coaching”, “Sports Management”, or any further studies related to sports.

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Using BBBEE as the driving force, we are able to raise funds for our beneficiaries using the following BBBEE solutions for our clients:

  • A company is required to spend 1% of their Net Profit after Tax on various Social Enterprise Development Beneficiaries. As we are a qualifying SED beneficiary and based on the fact that Sport is seen as a qualifying social enterprise development initiative, all funds donated to us will contribute fully to our funders BBBEE scorecard.

  • In terms of Ownership, a company needs to ensure that 25% of the shares are held by black people. As the SDT meets the requirements of a “Black Person”, our funding clients can look to us as a means of ensuring that they achieve the necessary points under ownership whilst at the same time feeling “comfortable” that any benefit derived by the SDT as a shareholder is being well managed and contributing to a good cause.

  • Businesses struggle to achieve the full points under Skills Development. However, these problems can be solved by spending the allocated funds on the SDT beneficiaries.

The Sports Development Trust at the Sunfoil Township Cricket Week

The Sports Development Trust has played a major role in assisting players at the township cricket week which takes place in Kwa-Zulu Natal. In excess of R1.5million has been utilised to provide Kookaburra  cricket kits, cricket shoes and jerseys, cricket equipment as well as funds for the best performing cricketers. 

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