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Using BBBEE as the driving force, we are able to raise the necessary funding for our beneficiaries using the following BBBEE solutions to our clients.
  • A company is required to spend 1% of their Net Profit after Tax on various Social Enterprise Development Beneficiaries. As we are a qualifying SED beneficiary and based on the fact that Sport is seen as a qualifying social enterprise development initiative, all funds donated to us will contribute fully to our funders BBBEE scorecard.

  • In terms of Ownership, a company needs to ensure that 25% of the shares are held by black people. As the SDT meets the requirements of a “Black Person”, our funding clients can look to us as a means of ensuring that they achieve the necessary points under ownership whilst at the same time feeling “comfortable” that any benefit derived by the SDT as a shareholder is being well managed and contributing to a good cause.

  • Businesses struggle to achieve the full points under Skills Development. However, these problems can be solved by spending the allocated funds on the SDT beneficiaries.

AS is evident from above synopsis, the SDT is able to make a significant impact towards ensuring our funders achieve an acceptable BBBEE score whilst at the same time knowing that any benefit received by the SDST is being spent on a worthy cause.
SDT is also a member of 2 SMART, an association of BBBEE professional entities, and through this Association, is able to provide quality solutions to any of our funders in an area of the BBBEE spectrum.
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