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The Trustees have been selected for their ability to make a difference to the SDT, the funders and to the beneficiaries. The current trustees are as follows:
  1. Dr Craig Roberts

Craig is currently the Springbok Rugby doctor as well as a Director of the Prime Human Performance Centre at Moses Mabhida Stadium. Craig offers professional input into the medical requirements of the SDT beneficiaries, and through the Prime Centre, offers the beneficiaries a world class training and rehab facility, as well acess to the professional body of Medical Practitioners (Physiotherapists, Bio Kineticists etc.) who operate out of Prime.


  1. Ian Losinsky

Ian is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been involved in KZN Rugby and sporting clubs.


  1. Marc Sutherland

Marc is a Professional Accountant with a specialised knowledge of Trusts and the administration of Trusts.


  1. Dean Harding

Dean is a qualified Chartered Accountant and was the key initiator of the Trust. Dean has seven years’ experience in BBBEE and is one of the country’s leading experts in this field. 

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